Thoughts While Thinking - June 2007

Earlier this week I walked outside at about 10:30 at night.  It was clear, and there was just a slight breeze.  And the sounds of the summer night were everywhere.  Every bug in the neighborhood was singing as hard as a bug could sing - or whatever bugs do.  It was a cacophony of sound.  The stars were beautifully bright.  I can just imagine what they would have been like on this dark night out at Fort Davis.
And yesterday morning, as nature woke me up in its own way at daybreak, I walked outside to get the paper.  It was pleasantly cool, and the birds had replaced the bugs with their own songs.  They were going at it like a high school marching band getting ready for the state meet.  I couldn't figure out what those birds were saying, but i suspect a couple of doves had something in mind.
Mornings are great in Texas.
Sure, it's hot in summer in Texas, but there is absolutely no shortage of things to do in reasonable comfort.  Take the theme parks.  They have done everything possible to keep you cool whether in line or watching a show.  And if you are on one of those great rides, who really gives a hoot.  Just hang on and holler - with the breeze in your face.
And Texas has enough caverns with the best natural air conditioning anywhere.  They are usually around 70 degrees with freindly folks to show the way.  It's spectacular underground scenery!  And the scenery is not bad at any of the many waterparks either.  Great places to stay cool!  And those "natural" swimming holes are something else.  I have dipped my toes in some great ones like Barton Springs in Austin, Balmorhea, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Del Rio, Lamapsas, and Krause Springs.  And there are more.  They will take your breath away with temperatures around 68 to 72 degrees.
Then there are "the arts".  They've got lots of "cool" cool places:  museums, the theatre, symphonies, civic theater groups.  And live music from Austin to Amarillo to wherever you want to pat your foot.
This evening, take a walk outside just before you get ready to go to bed, and make some plans on what to do in Texas in "the Good Old Summertime".  O yes, do check the air conditioning in your car.  And if you are down Austin way, give me a call.  We have a lot of cool places to have a cool one.

Thoughts While Thinking

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