Thoughts While Thinking - October 2006

It's just this way with us old geezers -- we live in a world that's moving a lot faster than we are.  But not to worry about us.  For all the things we can't keep up with, there are an equal number of things in our past that we can remember.

And memories are worth their weight in gold.
Like the first time I caught a big ole sun perch at House Creek.
And the time us kids beat our Dads in a softball game at the school closing picnic.
And, of course, the day I was discharged from the army after WWII. 
Lest I forget - January 28, 1950 - the day I married my first, and my last, wife.
It's these good memories that we savor.  Sure, there were some that you would just as soon I just did.
Regardless of your stage in life, you have memories that are worth hanging on to.  Store up a lot of good ones while you can - 'cause there may come a time that's all that you have.  Put them in that memory bank of yours that doesn't need a modem and a lot of wires and a surge protector.  Then, all that you will need to retrieve them will be a comfortable rocking chair.
Just relax, and let the world speed on by - and "remember when".
P.S.  Helen and I are doing fine.  We enjoyed seeing old friends and making some new ones during Travel Summit at the Gaylord Texan.  We are looking forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, the TTIA Unity Dinner.......

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