After 86 years of faithful service to his God, family, country and community, Vic passed away on January 14, 2013

Please read Vic's obituary for more information, listen to this tribute to Vic from Bob Cole on KOKE FM and read Ken Herman's article about Vic in the Austin American-Statesman

 If you'd like to learn about one of the true pioneers of the Austin business community, a great organizational manager, businessman and volunteer, then please read on.

Vic Mathias was Chief Executive Officer of the Austin, Texas Chamber of Commerce for 27 years, from 1957 until 1983. This was a time of tremendous growth for the Austin and the Central Texas area and Vic was instrumental in guiding Austin's economic development during this time (click here to learn more). He foresaw the need for a diverse business community to work in concert with the established state government and institutions of higher learning such as the University of Texas. This led him to recruit many high tech companies to the area.

He is also known for his monthly letter, "Thoughts While Thinking".  You'll find links to many of these pieces of wisdom here on the website.

For his family, Vic has also written over 175 vignettes about his life experiences titled, "THE WAY I REMEMBER IT".  You will find some samples below.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the stay!

P.S. Vic was recently a member of the first Honor Flight from Austin to travel to Washington, D.C. to visit the World War II Memorial.  There were 24 other WWII Vets on board and there are over 900 other Central Texas Vets eligible for this great reward for their service to our country.  If you would like to recommend someone for a future trip, or donate so that other Vets can get their reward,  visit  This is a great way to honor the "Greatest Generation".



Grammar School With Teacher Koepsell Opening the 360 bridge
High School - Three of Them 1939-1943 The Tree on Sixth Street
Cooling It & the C of C Job Austin's Airports - Three of 'em
Helen - The Long-Term Commitment - 1946-50 Bailey to the Airport
Discover Texas Association/Texas Travel Industry Association Go to Guy
Austin's Town Lake Mr. Weigl & the Chancellor
Austin's Economic Development Program, 1956-57 Frank Erwin Encounter
The Austin Economic Development Program, 1957-1961 Hondo & Ace
Forming the Austin Economic Development Council, 1961 THE Parade!
The Coming of IBM - 1967 The Mansfield Dam County Park
Motorola comes to Austin - Finally 1972-73 Highland Lakes Tourist Association
The Walsh Boat Landing Austin City Limits
Crime Stoppers Starts in Austin The Sonic Boom
Military/VIP Confusion Braniff Inaugural Flight to Seattle
Robbie "Turkey" Robbins Bob Bullock's Memory
The Thunderbirds AMD Arrives in Style
World War II – A Sort of a Summary Austin's Turning Points
World War II – Basic Training Truckin’ – 1942-43
Dining High on the Hog My First Post UT Job
Texas Instruments -- Waving 'em in Everybody Gotta Be Someplace
Higher Education Smart Donkey – 1936
The Rotary Club of Austin My Second, Third, Forth , and Fifth Jobs
Longhorn Cavern Days


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