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Thoughts While Thinking - August 2012

The thought occurred to me while I was thinking about you who receive this piece from me from time to time. All of you have led interesting lives. Most of you are still in the midst of them, creating interesting memories.

These memories and experiences are being stored in your fertile and active mind. But what then? Had you ever thought that this might be a little selfish on your part? Should not these memories and experiences be shared with others, particularly your family, children, and grandchildren?

Here is what I am getting around to. You have had interesting experiences, fun experiences, been a part of important events and done things in your life that no one else has done. You, my friend, have led a unique life. And to be quite frank, these things shouldn't die with you. Wouldn't you love to tell your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren, about some of these experiences? And you know, you may never get around to it. I don't know why, but you may just never.....

There is a simple solution. I have talked with you one on one. You know how to tell a story - tell about something that happened. You have done it many times. Often when you come home from work you tell about something that happened that day. Or following a trip, you tell your family or friends or others in the office about something interesting that happened. You do it all the time.

So, all you need to do is to take a few minutes to write it down. Go to "word" on your computer, and start talking. Don't worry about "writing." Just "type it out" as if you were telling your story. If you don't worry about too much detail, it can probably be done in one page.

Allow me to quote one of my peers. "No one is entirely useless; even the worst of us can serve as a horrible example." I'm the case in point. For almost ten years I have been doing what I describe above. Writing stuff about my life! It's no big deal. I do about two a month - that's 24 a year, so I've done about 200 of them. Each year on Father's Day I unload them on my three kids and my brother. They act like they appreciate it. One of my sons tells me that he has read many of them to his elementary school twins and their big brother. Sort of a bedtime ritual! They've learned a lot about me that I would have forgotten to tell them. There is no chronological order to what I write. I just write it when I think about it. If you would like to check me out, take a look at a website that my daughter and son-in-law surprised me with, and keep up to date:

Now it's your turn. Get with it - one at a time.