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Thoughts While Thinking - August 2008

Some time ago -- quite some time ago -- while I was CEO of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, I wrote a column about August.  In general, it went something like this....

This is August.  Sure seems to have come soon this year.
It always reminds me of my Uncle.  August was his name.

Thoughts While Thinking - March 2008

I have been known to steal words of wisdom from others -- since I have none of my own.  Our politicians, from time to time, seem to do the same.

It is my intention to steal from a "politician" in writing this, and also to steal from myself.  While looking for a quotation from Abe Lincoln that I once used in my "Thoughts", I found the context in which I had used it interesting.  This was done in February, 1970.  Here's what I wrote....

Thoughts While Thinking - September 2007

Last month was my mother's birthday.  She would have been 109 had she lived so long.  She died at 96.  But she left a lasting impression on more people than I can imagine.  I think she was a "people whisperer".


Thoughts While Thinking - June 2007

Earlier this week I walked outside at about 10:30 at night.  It was clear, and there was just a slight breeze.  And the sounds of the summer night were everywhere.  Every bug in the neighborhood was singing as hard as a bug could sing - or whatever bugs do.  It was a cacophony of sound.  The stars were beautifully bright.  I can just imagine what they would have been like on this dark night out at Fort Davis.

Thoughts While Thinking - December 2006

I'm writing this after spending a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with my family.  We had it all:  Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top, wild rice, green salad with chunks of blue cheese, and three kinds of pies.  And besides all that, we had many other things for which to be thankful.


Thoughts While Thinking - October 2006

It's just this way with us old geezers -- we live in a world that's moving a lot faster than we are.  But not to worry about us.  For all the things we can't keep up with, there are an equal number of things in our past that we can remember.

And memories are worth their weight in gold.
Like the first time I caught a big ole sun perch at House Creek.
And the time us kids beat our Dads in a softball game at the school closing picnic.

Thoughts While Thinking - June 2006

My Dad was a man of stature.  He was five feet, four inches tall, but in our community, he was a man of stature.  He didn't talk a lot, or talk very loud, but when he talked, people listened.  It wasn't always lofty ideas and learned thoughts.  Quite often it was a quick line that made you laugh.  Come to think of it, maybe that's why people listened.


Thoughts While Thinking - April 2006

Hold on, 'cause I'm going to revert back to my barefoot days once again. 

Do you remember the thrill of digging worms?  Sounds kind of grubby, doesn't it?  But there was a thrill - the thrill of the anticipation of going fishing, and just knowing that every one of those worms meant a fish on the line.

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