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Thoughts While Thinking - August 2012

The thought occurred to me while I was thinking about you who receive this piece from me from time to time. All of you have led interesting lives. Most of you are still in the midst of them, creating interesting memories.
These memories and experiences are being stored in your fertile and active mind. But what then? Had you ever thought that this might be a little selfish on your part? Should not these memories and experiences be shared with others, particularly your family, children, and grandchildren?

Thoughts While Thinking - May 2012

The Good Lord did a good job when He made the Good Old USA. My bride of sixty-two years and I just returned from a trip to White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. We visited the Greenbrier, one of the most magnificent facilities that I have ever experienced, in an equally magnificent setting. With 1,000 rooms and 6,500 acres, and a 200 year plus history, it is something to see. Besides, my granddaughter is the Director of Catering and Conventions for the facility, and, well, we were "well taken care of."

Thoughts While Thinking - February 2012

Had you noticed? It's February, the month of our great Presidents. I think our first one, George, had to be one of the greatest. He had no "precedent" to go by. He just had to wing it - and from a pretty rocky start. He didn't even have a White House, or an Air Force One.
And right now we are again looking for a great President. Our country sure needs one.

Thoughts While Thinking - December 2011

We recently lit the fireplace for the first time this season. Sitting there in the comfort of our home, watching the flames, is a good place to think. I would like to tell you the tale of two Christmases-past. Way past, like sixty-seven years ago.

Thoughts While Thinking - October 2011

"For everything there is a season."

That's a quote from the Bible, and it gets right to the point. And there certainly are a lot of kinds of seasons. For instance, I hear folks talk about the mating season although I'm not quite sure when it is--but I'm glad there was one. Seasons like that shouldn't have a date.

Thoughts While Thinking - March 2011

March is a really great month in Texas. The temperatures are moderate, and the Spring flowers are ready to do their thing before the month ends. But my calendar doesn't show any holidays. It doesn't even indicate that any great Americans were born during the month.

Thoughts While Thinking - December 2010

Here's my twist on an old story.
Back a couple of thousand years ago there was a fellow named Caesar Augustus who ran the whole Roman Empire. He decided he wanted to know just how big his "country" was so he decided to take a census. Seems as though he thought some of his "Governors" were not collecting and sending enough tax money to him.
Anyway, he thought it would also be neat to know where his subjects had originated, so he ordered that they had to go to the cities where their ancestors had lived.

Thoughts While Thinking - March 2010

Well, I did it again!  Had another birthday.  We went out to my daughter and her husband's place in the country.  We had gobs of cake and ice cream with all the trimmings - and family.  I enjoyed all three of them.  And I got an unusual present, first time in 84 years.  My daughter and her husband had made me a web site:  I found out stuff about myself that I had forgotten a long time ago.

Thoughts While Thinking - December 2009

See that little guy down at the bottom?  As you know, that's "The Thinker".  But he doesn't have his hand under his chin like he is supposed to.

He is looking up at the Christmas Star.

For the many years that I have been using him, he has assumed this position in December.

Thoughts While Thinking - August 2009

Recently I have been thinking a lot about what's going on in Washington.  Just seems to me that we are getting a lot more government than we can afford.  Sort of running up a lot more debt on our national credit card than we can pay for.  And I remembered writing about it years ago, so I dusted off the old ring binder and found a couple of interesting things that I wrote in 1964 when my "THOUGHTS" were being published monthly in Austin Magazine.  To tell the truth, I swiped this from Abraham Lincoln.  It goes like this:

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